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Our history

Key dates in our history

  • 1899 Company foundation and market entry by Josef Jansen with a location in Barmen, Reichsstraße
  • 1919 Extension of the trading permission to include ‘drugs’, chemicals as well as luxury and semi-luxury foodstuff colourings
  • 1919 Willi and Otto Jansen join the family-owned company Otto Jansen takes management responsibility for production and development.

  • 1922 Willi Jansen assumes overall management responsibility
  • 1939 Change of location to today’s present company address in Wittensteinstraße, Wuppertal
  • 1946 Extension of market presence thanks to Germany-wide field staff organisation
  • 1949 Hanns Udo Jansen joins the company as a partner
  • 1962 Hanns Udo Jansen becomes managing partner.
  • Since 1962 Constant expansion of the product portfolio and an increase in the numbers of field staff, initially in Benelux, then a growing market presence internationally Cooperation with wholesalers (BÄKO, BackEurop, ...)
  • 1980 Launch of the diabetes product line ‘Redufond’
  • 1993 till today. First activities in Asia incl. participation at the ‘Food & Hotel Asia’ in Singapore and subsequently regular involvement at all the important fairs in South-East Asia
  • 2007 Transformation of the company into Josef Jansen GmbH & Co. KG

We are the best proof of a lively history.

Figures mark events; both small and large. The origins of our company date back to the year 1899.

Josef Jansen founded a modest trading outlet for baking and cream powder, spices and spice extracts in the then independent town of Barmen.

Founder Josef Jansen

In those days customers from the region appreciated, in particular, the outstanding freshness and quality of the goods on offer as well as the punctuality and reliability of the way an order was handled. In this respect nothing at all has changed to the present day.

And yet so much is different to those days. We have grown consistently with the requirements of an ever-changing world. Over the years the then purely trading company has developed into a significant production operation with global sales channels.

Today, four family generations later, the company under the management of family members Armin Jansen and Klaus Vieten is still maintaining these proven traditions without disregarding the enormous challenges presenting themselves to ensure a successful future.

The result: aromas, essences and baking enhancers that make the lives of connoisseurs and experts more tasteful. Products that rank among the best of their kind and which are on everyone’s lips worldwide.

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