Our claim:


We guarantee top quality at a consistenly high level.

Having an individual taste is something that distinguishes humans. In this respect our business partners throughout the world are the measure of all things. Their requirements and expectations determine the scope of our product portfolio.

Besides having a comprehensive range of standard products, we offer individual product solutions that are oriented to culture-specific indulgencies and ever-changing taste preferences or market requirements.

To this purpose, our food technicians develop special products (e.g. for diabetics) in close cooperation with customers, products that set trends for the future. Irrespective of what you may select – top quality ‘Made in Germany’ is something you can expect in any case.

Of course, we only use the very best raw materials from nature and rely on conserving, manufacturing techniques. Consequently, our comprehensive product portfolio stands for maximum quality and purity.

We give food hygiene the very highest priority. Therefore, our quality management system corresponds to the requirements of the HACCP Concept regarding the production, processing and sale of foodstuffs.

Further, we are a member of the BDSI (National Federation of the Sweets Industry of Germany).

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