Negresco, 26cm

Rezept für Irish Coffee Sahnetorte
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Recipe and needed raw material: JANSEN paste Irish Coffee (5058)
1 Stck. Jaconde-Bisquit LINK Recipe like said before
1kg cream (ca.33%)
50g JANSEN paste Irish Coffee (5058)
120g JANSEN Safrogel (Nr. 1027) -water-fluid LINK Recipe like said before
120g sugar
Dekor: with Canache dark
20g JANSEN Cacao Natruella (5020)
300g Canache dark warm it up in a dish till the mass is liquid, that you can pour it


with JANSEN paste Irish Coffee (5058)

First put the short-dough in the tartring. Then put the “Joconde-Bisquit” at the edge of the tartring. The put in the exemptible room a thin Bisquit (lightly/dark). Now fill one layer within paste Irish coffee ready flavored and stabilaised cream and arrange till the top of the edge the “Joconde-Bisquits” and apply smoth. Put annother thin Bisquit, but a little bit smaller than the tartringt, so edge arround is a little bit place free. Fill in the rest of the cream till the edge and apply smoth.

Decorate with liquid Cannache dark. Pour the mass over the ready cake let it cool down (not completly) and writ with a small quantaty Cacao Naturella Paste (5020) in a creambag the name „Negresco“ on the cake.

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