Poirier, 26cm

Rezept Birne-Sahnetorte
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Recipe and needed raw material: JANSEN Fruitpaste Pear Williams (5057)
1 Stck. Jaconde-Bisquit LINK Recipe like said before
1kg cream (ca.33%)
50g JANSEN Fruitpaste Pear Williams (5057)
120g JANSEN Safrogel (Nr. 1027) -water-fluid LINK Recipe like said before
120g sugar
Dekor: with JANSEN jellyfrosting Cobagel RA (1010)
20g JANSEN Cobagel RA (1010) premixing with
300g sugar
1 Liter water cooking, then stir in the Cobagel sugar-mix in the hot, not any more cooking water


mit JANSEN Fruitpaste Pear Williams (5057)

First put the short-dough in the tartring. Then put the “Joconde-Bisquit” at the edge of the tartring. The put in the exemptible room a thin Bisquit (lightly/dark). Now fill one layer within fruitpaste Pear Williams ready flavored and stabilaised cream and arrange till the top of the edge the “Joconde-Bisquits” and apply smoth. Put annother thin Bisquit, but a little bit smaller than the tartringt, so edge arround is a little bit place free. Fill in the rest of the cream till the edge and apply smoth.

Decorate with shiny glaze peaches (with Cobagel RA (Nr. 1010) -jellyfrosting). Therefore cut have peaces of peaches and spead them fan-shaped.

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