3 tartrings à 26cm

Rezept Erdbeer-Käsekuchen
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Recipes and necessary raw materials:
1800g PPhiladelphia creamcheese mix with
240g sugar and
8g JANSEN Zitrone Etna (0355) and
20g JANSEN Orange Naturella (2061)
240g liquid cream (33%) stir it in the mass
160g yellow of an egg carefully
240g white of an egg pitch it to a
240g sugar meringue, mix this together with the creamcheese mass, this mass mix within
100g flour carefully

At first – mix the creamcheese with sugar, JANSEN Zitrone Etna and JANSEN Orange Naturella. Then stir the not any more cold cream with the yellow of an egg. Now mix seperatly the white of an egg with sugar as a Merinque.Stir the Meringue in the creammasse and stir the floar carefully Put a piece off short batter in the tartring and fill in the whole mass.Bake it with ca. 150°C ca. 1h in the oven.

Serving suggestion:
Half, fresh strawberries and creampads arround the top, rosted and chopped pistachios.

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