Calvados Tartelletes

Calvados Tartelletes

warm baken

Rezept Calvados Tartelletes
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Recipes and necessary raw materials:
a) Apple-filling
500g butter heat
1200g apples peel and cut in little pieces and braise ligtly in butter
20g cinnamon grounded and
15g salt put in the apple-mass
60g JANSEN Calvados (5120) put in
2) Créme Royal
1500g butter heat till its liquid, then
400g eggs ,
500g sugar and
7g JANSEN Zimt (0239) stir well
Bake the mass ca. 20 Min. with 190°C in the oven.

Serving suggestion:

Take tartletts (8cm diameter) and bruch them with liquid Canache dark . Therfore the tartellet will not become weak, the liquids can not penetrate. After fill in the apple-mass and sprinkle it with chopped almonds. Now top it with Créme Royal on the apple-mass and garnish it with chopped haselnuts.

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