Chocolate Tiramisu

Chocolate Tiramisu

with rassberry- and mocca-souce

Rezept Schokoladen Tiramisu
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Recipes and necessary raw materials:
a) Chocolate Tiramisu
520g sugar boil it up with
150g water (120°C) and
280g yellow of an egg pitch it slowly and mix it under the mass while its slowly cooling down.
200g milk-coating and
600g dark coating melt it together at 40°C
1000g whipped cream (33%) stir it under the molten coating
600g Mascarpone (ital. cheese) stir it under together with the coating-cream-mass and the said egg-mass
100g SAFROGEL (Nr. 1027) -water-fluid add it for stabiliesing
600g ladyfingers soak with
700g coffee-syrup
50g cacao-powder dressing
b) JANSEN Rassberry-Souce (157)
c) JANSEN Mocca-Souce (156)


Take a creamframe (60 x 40 cm) and put one part of the coffee-syrup soaked ladyfingers as under layer. Fill it up with tiramisu-mass and work on layer by layer. After that put the creamframe about 2 h in the deep freezer. Then cut in cubes. Decorate the margins from the tiramisucubes with chocolate-dressing-pieces and the top with cacaopowder and thin gold-platelet. Put the cubes on a big, cold plate and garnish them with dessertsouce.

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