Frozen Tiramisu

Frozen Tiramisu

with vanille- and espresso-souce

Rezept Gefrorenes Tiramisu
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Recipes and necessary raw materials:
1) Mascarpone-sorbet
300g sugar boil it up with
700g water ,
20g lemon juice and
120g butter
Cool down this syrup on ice.
40g JANSEN Tiramsiu (5009) add
500g mascarpone (ital. cheese) mix with syrup
This mass has to be froozen lughtly, not stiffing it hard.
b) Espresso-souce
1000g Vanille Topping mix it with
25g JANSEN Mocroma (0860)


Fill this mass between two Biscuit-Japonaise frooze it for 1 h in the deep feezer. Dress a mirrow from vanille and espresso-souce on a big plate. Sprinkle it with cocoapowder. Cut the froozen dessert inti triangulary peaces and serve it on a cold plate.Garnish the triangulary peaces with dabs of cream and chocolate-raspers.

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