Walnut-Praliné Soufflée

Walnut-Praliné Soufflée

4 creamframes 60×40 cm

Rezept Walnuss-Praliné Soufflé
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Recipes an necessary raw materials:
300g sugar
1000g white of an egg 450g cream (ca. 33%)
900g icing sugar
900g walnuts, peeled
300g flour
150g haselnuts, blanched
200g butter
50g JANSEN Konditoreipaste Praliné Fin (5060)
30g JANSEN Konditoreipaste Haselnuts (5065)
120g Safrogel (Nr. 1027) -water-fluid LINK SAFROGEL-GRUNDREZEPT
1000g Pastry Cream
350g couverture, dark
1000g white of an egg 450g cream (ca. 33%)
200g sugar syrup
200g "Frangelico" Liquer
700g Canache dark
1000g white of an egg 450g cream (ca. 33%)

Mode of practice:

First mix the icing sugar and the flour. Then add the haselnuts and walnuts. After froth up the white of the egg and sguar to a stiff mass, adding the flour-icingsugar-haselnut-walnut-mass and well scrambling. Fill in the mass in 4 creamframes and bake it with ca. 200 degrees C.

Now mix the butter with JANSEN PRALINE FIN (5060) and JANSEN HASELNUT (5065) to a cream. Thereby mix slowly the Pastry Créme. Soak the bisquitbases with “Frangelico” Liqeur and put it in the frame.

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