Walnut-Praliné Soufflée

Walnut-Praliné Soufflée

4 creamframes 60×40 cm

Rezept Walnuss-Praliné Soufflé
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Recipes an necessary raw materials:
300g sugar
1000g white of an egg
900g icing sugar
900g walnuts, peeled
300g flour
150g haselnuts, blanched
200g butter
50g JANSEN Konditoreipaste Praliné Fin (5060)
30g JANSEN Konditoreipaste Haselnuts (5065)
120g Safrogel (Nr. 1027) -water-fluid LINK SAFROGEL-GRUNDREZEPT
1000g Pastry Cream
350g couverture, dark
450g cream (ca. 33%)
200g sugar syrup
200g "Frangelico" Liquer
700g Canache dark

Mode of practice:

First mix the icing sugar and the flour. Then add the haselnuts and walnuts. After froth up the white of the egg and sguar to a stiff mass, adding the flour-icingsugar-haselnut-walnut-mass and well scrambling. Fill in the mass in 4 creamframes and bake it with ca. 200 degrees C.

Now mix the butter with JANSEN PRALINE FIN (5060) and JANSEN HASELNUT (5065) to a cream. Thereby mix slowly the Pastry Créme. Soak the bisquitbases with “Frangelico” Liqeur and put it in the frame.

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